Sales Consulting

As a consummate sales professional who has amassed millions of euros worth of sales revenue, as well as having led teams to targetted success time and time again Ariana is now in a position to offer sales expertise in a number of different ways.


Are your sales team struggling to hit targets despite their best efforts? Have they become complacent? Have you run out of ideas?

The foundation of sales performance is having the right sellers that implement the right sales methodologies with the right accounts, to win deals and load the pipeline with new business. Building the right sales culture within the team is also vitally important. Identifing the issues and putting in place a strategic plan to address and fix them is a crucial step towards getting sales back on track.

But this is not just about a quick fix. Ariana will work with your management and team members to ensure a future-proofed strategy is put in place and implemented ensuring more revenue, higher spending customers and motivated sales teams.


One-to-one and team based sales training.
Training on offer includes: Cold calling skills, ABC skills, upselling, cross selling, email vs phone, objection handling, diversification, inventive sales techniques, presentation skills, oration skills, confidence building, pipeline management, forecasting and account management.

Short-term Sales Expertise

Do you need short term help selling? Do you have a particularly busy period during the year, a new product launching, an event you need sponsors for? Whatever it may be Ariana and her extensive black book of contacts could be on hand to help you hit your sales target.

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